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Vasectomy is the medical name for male sterilization. There are two tubes, one from each testicle called Vas Deferens. These tubes have to be cut, tied and cauterized. This is usually done through one small cut, but occasionally a second cut is required. The procedure takes between 20 and 30 mins, and is done under local anaesthetic.

Vasectomy diagDiagram of vasectomy

Failure Rate

There is a risk between 1 in 300 and 1 in 500 that the procedure may not work. A test is done at three months to confirm the procedure has worked. Failure after this time is rare.

Sick Leave

You will need 5 days off and a medical certificate will be given to you at the procedure.

Temporary side effects

It is quite usual to have some swelling, discomfort and bruising after the procedure. The most important factor to recovery is rest and ice.

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Activity after vasectomy

What you can do for 3 days after the vasectomy – reading, watching TV and DVDs.

What you SHOULD NOT do for 3 days -  lifting small children, going on long walks, gardening, driving a heavy vehicle.

What you MUST NOT do for 5 days –sporting activity, heavy physical work, parties, outside functions and sexual activity

Possible long term effects

There are no long term adverse effects of a vasectomy. Some men will make sperm antibodies. Development of antibodies makes it less likely a reversal will work.

Small numbers of men may experience persistent discomfort in their scrotum. Most respond to treatment.

Recent large studies have NOT shown an increase in cancer of the testis or prostate after vasectomy


1) Remove the hair on the base of the penis and the scrotum using clippers and hair remover, or shaving, 3-4 days BEFORE the vasectomy.
2) Have a shower on the morning of the vasectomy.
3) Wear tight underpants to the surgery.
4) Do NOT have aspirin or alcohol on the night before or the day of the procedure.

It is best to avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatories (like Nurofen) for a few days after the procedure. You may be given a prescription for strong analgesia at the procedure.

You will be asked to come to the surgery 1 hour before your procedure time. You will be given a small dose of sedation to calm you and make the procedure easier and safer. YOU MUST NOT DRIVE after having the sedation.

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REST for the next few days. Avoid heavy lifting or exercise for 5-7 days.
Sex can be resumed after 5-7 days, but remember to use contraception until the test is clear.

Wear tight fitting underpants day and night for 3 days.

Restrict alcohol for 3 days.

There will be a band aid on the cut. Replace it if needed. Some blood oozing out for the first 2-3 days is normal.

You can shower normally. Do NOT bath, swim in a backyard pool, a lake, river or ocean for 4-5 days. There is an increased risk of infection from swimming.

After the local wears off, you may require pain killer medication for a few days. Use Panadol or the strong analgesic (prescription given at procedure). Do not take aspirin/Nurofen if possible for 3-4 days.

Apply frozen peas/ice pack (not directly – should be wrapped in cloth) to scrotum. On for 30 min and then off for 30min. Longer is not better and can cause problems. Apply the ice during your waking hours for 1-3 days, until the discomfort subsides.


Bruising – can be very extensive, and is normal.

Swelling – Some swelling is normal where the tubes have been cut and tied. If the swelling and pain is increasing, see your Doctor or return to the surgery.


Bleeding – will normally settle with tight underpants, rest and ice pack. If it continues, seek attention.

Infection can occur after the procedure. If you start to experience more pain and swelling 3-10 days after the procedure, and you have been careful. Seek attention.

Pain – usually minor, unless you have one of the two above.

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12 weeks after the procedure, provided you have ejaculated at least 16-18 times the test is done. The request form is given to you at your procedure.  Doctor will contact you with the result. Remember to continue contraception until the test is clear.

It may take 14-21 days for the results to be available and be checked by the Doctor. No results are left on an answering machine, and cannot be given to a third party. If you have not heard from the surgery after 3 weeks, please phone.


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